Members are advised that bookings for Net Practice at Mineralwell Park will be available as soon as the government lockdowns are eased sufficiently for us to commence practice.

It is anticipated that practice slots will be by appointment only as we can only have a limited number of players at any one time in the nets.

Members should be aware that the situation is very fluid at this time and subject to change at short notice and subject to the guidance below from Cricket Scotland.

To book your practice slot go to the STCC FORUM: STCC Forum

To become a member or to register for 2021 go to: MEMBERSHIP

Cricket Scotland Guidelines (To be updated at end of Feb 21)

1. You can take part in outdoor activity alone or with members of your household and/or members of two other households per day, providing that physical distancing of at least two metres is maintained between the different households at all times (no more than eight people in total).

2. Social distancing of at least two metres must be maintained at all times (unless all participants are members of the same household).

3. Coaches should not deliver training to more than 2 households (or extended households) at any one time or provide coaching to more than 2 households (or extended households) per day. A maximum of 8 people, including the coach and participants from up to two other households (or extended households), can participate in a session.

4. Nets should be used on an ‘every other’ basis, leaving one net free between nets. A similar approach should be taken to distancing groups on the outfield.

5. Clubhouses and indoor facilities should remain closed though toilets should be able to be accessed though hospitality, locker rooms, storage and activity areas remain closed.

6. Only local members should attend the club. As a guide, rather than a fixed limit, 5 miles from your home would be within your local area.

7. We recommend using your own equipment if possible.

8. No saliva or sweat should come into contact with the ball at any time.

9. Wash hands at home before and after using the outdoor facilities. Bring your own hand sanitizer where possible.