As we are using a new secure database it is a condition of 2020 Membership that ALL STCC members (and parents of Junior Members) fill in the membership Form to register for 2020 AND then to complete registration, also sign up onto The Forum.  After your registration is verified you are good to go. Once inside, The STCC Noticeboard shows official news and Club documents but there are other places to find out what is going on within the Club and to make your voice heard on all things cricket-related. Come in, introduce yourself and look around.

DO IT NOW before you forget, don’t wait until the season starts which we expect to be after 29th June 2020. Membership Fees for 2020 have been re-evaluated by The STCC Committee and there will be NO Membership fee payable. For those that have already paid that Membership will be rolled over to 2021.

Similarly, if you are NOT YET a member or have a child who would like to become a Junior Member, fill in the Membership Form below AND register on the Forum by using the link at the top of this page.