Stonehaven Thistle Cricket Club is organising cricket matches (between STCC Club players only) on Saturdays assuming there are enough players to make up the numbers. The matches could be T20, 6 or 7 aside, or single wicket, depending on the interested numbers.

This follows the announcement that Cricket Scotland now allows 11-aside cricket training games to be played by children, young people and adults in an intra-club setting, involving only members of the club. We hope to be playing T20 matches between other Cricket Clubs, organised by NESC before too long.

New Members are welcome to join in the fun though All Players/Members are reminded that they MUST register or re-register for 2020 Membership and to be eligible to play, also, sign up onto the STCC Forum.



Complete your registration below on our mobile-friendly Forum where you can post availability to play on the choice of dates on offer. If you are having difficulty, let us know and we can send you a registration.

STCC Forum


If you have any problems please get in contact here:



Games played must be in accordance with specific Cricket Scotland guidance that can be found here: STCC website Cricket-Scotland-guidance-for-intraclub-training-games-phase-3-17.7.20

Please read the PDF document from the link above. However the main points to focus on are to arrive no more than 15 minutes in advance of the start time, already in cricket attire as there are no changing room facilities. Bring your own sanitizer, your own kit, with your own refreshments and to maintain social distancing at all times without handing any items to umpires or other players. No spit or saliva to be applied to the ball. If rain stops play, members are to use their own vehicles to shelter in.